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Air soft gun manufacturer, Black Ops USA, wanted to compete in the high-end mil-sim arena…

We showed them how to shed their low-end “Walmart” image.

We thought no detail was too small to be ignored.

So we reimagined the entire brand, from a killer new 3D logo…

Black Ops Reimagined 3D Logo

To a more sophisticated, gorgeous e-commerce website…

New Black Ops Website on iPad
New Black Ops Website Product Page on iPad
New Black Ops Website Product Grid on iPad
Black Ops Instagram Photos 1
Black Ops Instagram Photos 2

And last but not least… a sharp, new packaging design system.

Shiny New Packaging Design

* Work shown represents client experience completed by Jeff & Jordan Wollman at Aria Agency, and should not be construed to represent active Misfit Brands clients.

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