A story-telling agency, in the age of automated authorship, makes stories human again

For more than a decade, Odyssey founder Ryan Thompson and Misfit Brand’s Jordan Wollman had been partners. So, with that Aria Agency and The Atkins Group DNA in common, it was no surprise that Thompson would ask our help to brand his new digital venture.

On its own, the name Odyssey did not convey the company’s unique storytelling approach to social content creation for the travel, entertainment, and lifestyle industries. Our answer to the problem? Instead of going with Odyssey.com—expected but unhelpful—we created a tagline that would both clearly position the brand’s intent but, importantly, serve as its memorable URL: makestorieshuman.com.

A simple mark, executed in intense solid colors, works with the tagline to make a bold statement. The accompanying brand architecture keeps the storytelling front and center, winning prospects over who want more than empty patter.