Your home, our calling™

When it comes time to start looking for a new home, typically you’re just a few clicks away from getting the best rate on a mortgage from one of hundreds of lenders. But, for Petra Home Lending, they’re more of the “let’s meet for coffee” type. For them, it really is more than just a mortgage.

For a lot a of the brands we work with, there can be a disconnect between their promise and what actually happens in the experience. This happily, wasn’t the case with Petra Home Lending. After all the surveys, all the conversations, 99% of the feedback was telling the same story:

“These guys really cared about me and treated this process like it was their own”

Having that as the baseline, (not to discount the methodology of our work) our assignment actually became quite simple. We took their high-touch, personal style and created an elegant, hand written mark and paired it with just the right images of home, connection and The Rock.

If “Petra” means rock, they chose right. There is nothing more solid that the guys and the work at Petra Home Lending.

But enough about this from us. Why not hear it straight from the mouth of founder, Jason O’Quinn: