Building tacos, social & mas bueno experiences

Taco Bueno — a staple of Southwest fast-food dining favored by those who know real Tex-Mex — had a hole in its agency roster: no creative shop able to create great social media content for them on their fast-paced schedule. That’s where Misfit Brands enters the story. Taco Bueno marketers already had an existing relationship with Briana Wollman, Misfit founder and chief creative. They knew that not only did Briana have big QSR (quick service restaurant) chops, but a genius for showcasing tasty treats to best advantage with her own, clean style of “lick-the-page” photography.

The Misfit team was challenged by Bueno to convey the quality of their authentic Tex-Mex offerings by focusing on the freshness of each ingredient and to engage social audiences beyond the limitations of their traditional coupon paradigm. This series of stop-motion videos was a super-simple, smile-provoking means of communicating the quality and freshness Bueno offers its customers.

With a new rebrand in full swing, we partnered with Bueno’s own social strategists to revamp its approach to each social platform, with an eye toward increased brand activation and engagement. And the result? Bueno has seen a steady increase in engagement as well as a healthy lift in likes, follows and guest check sales. 

We saw the opportunity to align Bueno’s brand promise with its content through enticing, yet true-to-real-life food photography to drive home the “Real Tex-Mex done right” tagline. The campaign features authentic moments in time that make the experience customers have with Bueno come to life.

Influencers are a big part of social marketing, so having us create swag that’s not only on-brand, but that Bueno-heads would be happy to rock any day of the week was a top Bueno priority. To make that happen, we created a series of TacoTruths Shirts to go into our Bueno “Influencer Boxes.”

We believe that part of what makes Misfit’s relationship with Bueno work so well is that neither side is afraid to “go guerilla” to make a great idea come to life. (We even star in some of the videos.)

So, what’s more social than a Wholotta Box vs. a T-Rex? Not much, my friend… not much.


Trash Panda


Focus Staff