96 hours to get Congress to make HSAs fairer for all Americans

With less than a week left before Congress would vote on a record 1.3 trillion dollar Omnibus Spending Bill, a number of provisions limiting American seniors and families from contributing to their own HSA accounts would continue to be law. But at that 11th hour, The HSA Coalition, a 506(c)(6) non-profit advocacy organization, came to us with their own version of “mission impossible.” With seven days left, could Misfit design and launch a grassroots campaign to apply pressure and try to change the outcome?

The HSA Coalition had an institutional presence but were clearly not prepared to roll out an effective marketing effort on such short notice. We felt it would best serve their purposes to create a fresh face for the public-facing arm of their coalition, starting with a new, approachable logo mark to represent the dynamic nature of their work. The issue, while multi-faceted, boiled down to one thing: healthcare options for millions of Americans desperately needing them would continue to be denied.

So Misfit wrote, shot, edited, and produced a series of three short videos to tell, in vivid detail, the human story behind HSA Coalition’s advocacy for the expansion of HSA options to those classes of Americans excluded in this bill.

Over the course of 96 critical hours, tens of thousands of people spent a total of 31,743 minutes watching these impactful videos, ultimately affecting the outcome.

Launching the campaign through primary social channels, we pushed out a consistent message inspiring local action. All told, we engaged with more than 6,600 activists—nearly half of them retained by HSA Coalition as ongoing Facebook fans.

Working at a breakneck pace, we spun up a new domain, and built the website and social channels needed to ignite the coalition’s marketing efforts in the political forum and, along with a hyper-targeted ad strategy, launched the campaign. The one-page website used geolocation to engage visitors from key states via targeted, personalized messaging. Throughout the brief campaign, they were urged to take action, calling and emailing their state representatives.

After the final Omnibus was passed, we transitioned the campaign to petition-gathering mode, asking visitors for signatures we could take to the legislature for future action.

The campaign inspired enough highly motivated activists to get the attention of the IRS. As a result, they reconsidered key HSA provision for families, rolling back pieces of their unfair policies.

While the fight isn’t over, The HSA Coalition’s grassroots activists are now clearly on Washington’s radar.


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