Not your grandpa’s pest control company

There’s a new name in pest control in North Texas. It’s an awesome name. And it needed an equally awesome brand identity.

Trash Panda, for those of you not up on what the kids are saying, is slang for a raccoon. And as they are one of nature’s most brilliant thieves, our client’s CEO gave us the green light to use this (awesome, if we do say so ourselves) name for his company.

So we whipped up some concepts for the brand, and the chosen direction was one we were particularly in love with. We blended the idea of a raccoon with a sugar skull which represents the dead in some South American cultures. It’s a fun play on what are normally very boring, bland, and uninspired industry themes.

The identity however is still easily applied to more professional attire and applications, not seeming far out of place. Overall, we’re pretty proud of this quick, down-and-dirty identity project.


Nathan Johnson


Taco Bueno