Reversing the damage that living sedentary life in the 21st does to us

Combining a series of specific movements and focused mindfulness, The Moga Movement method purges the body of stress and begins a healing process that can reverse much of the damage caused by sitting, driving, inactivity, and other passive insults to body and mind—all part and parcel of living 21st century life.

Link Endurance, the company behind The Moga Movement, asked us to quickly spin up a brand for their new company to enable their target audience to instantly “get” what MOGA is about without a mind-numbing explanation.

As for the logo. The MOGA wordmark, a hand-drawn study in reduced complexity, conveys connectedness and a sense of being centered.

We felt that using the MOGA movements themselves to visually tell the story in ways words alone cannot was the answer. And, because no fitness brand is complete without killer photography, we tapped Dallas’ very own, talented Jonathan Zizzo—a go-to for many who love his evocative editorial portraiture—to do it.

We could think of no one better than Zizzo to capture the vision we had in mind. So, we had him shoot actual MOGA students doing the movements to tell the brand story.

Only minimal supporting copy and the mark would be necessary to accompany these amazing visuals.


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